After Care

Creative kids aftercare provide a well-balanced, relaxed and comprehensive learning environment with excellent spacious facilities coupled with ease of mind that well qualified educators, and aftercare staff comprehensively see to your child’s aftercare needs. Our aftercare system is divided into age groups to ensure a well-balanced eager to learn and complete tasks orientated self-driven child is achieved.

Grade R:

Grade R external learners is accommodated as part of our own group of Creative Kids Grade R learners, educational and carefree play activities is performed. During educational activities access to grade 1 aftercare is experienced and an eagerness to also do aftercare school activities is generated from an early age.

Grades 1 learners

Grade 1 seen as a daunting year for many parents Creative Kids with more than 21 Years’ experience has created a well-rounded aftercare system where parents can have ease of mind that their youngsters will accomplish all the daily tasks assigned to them, leaving very little for the parent during evenings.  The group is handled individually and apart from other aftercare groups to ensure maximum effort and love is given to ensure your child creates and maintains a positive outlook towards homework.

Grades 2 to 3 and 4 to 7

We believe that learners have specific needs that should be taken care of according to their stage of development. We aim to guide learners academically, socially and emotionally in the age appropriate groups of Gr 2 and 3 and 4 to 7 in their respectively. Creative Kids offers a specialized service for parents who value family time and the holistic development of their children. And it is well possible for your child to leave at the end of the day with very little work that needs overlooking at home.

Excellent assistance with homework and the ability to attend extra murals after school activities with pick up and drop off by caregivers forms part of the service and provided to learners,

Creative Kids aftercare is operational full day during Holiday’s as a supervised free play care structure and as an extra service. Our closing season is during Christmas break and is well communicated in advance.

As our aftercare children becomes part of a greater Creative Kids Family, extra fun activities and projects is planned to ensure maximum stimulation and relaxation when it is so deserved. As a example they fill into our Greater school projects and have access to supervised swimming on Fridays and school holidays in summer months, supervision for this activity is done by Qualified SSI employee.